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Ear and Nose Piercing

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Ear and Nose Piercing

Ear lobe/ Outer Helix/ Auricle cartilage piercing with Studex System 75 & Medisept Nostril piercing.

I have recently upgraded my piercing system!

Not a gun in sight! Studex & Medisept are FDA approved piercing devices that do not touch the body. Sterile cartridges allow for a hygienic, safe, smooth yet quick, painless pierce without noise or jerking.

Why go to a store when you can have your piercing done in a private, peaceful, clinical environment? All the jewellery I pierce with are price matched to Claire’s Accessories, are of the highest quality and include a bottle of (regular) Studex aftercare lotion.

Clients can also additionally purchase…..

Studex Advanced; a brand new Aftercare lotion that promotes accelerated healing by several weeks; allowing a change of earrings from only 3 weeks post piercing. RRP £7.99

Strictly over 6yrs only. 6-10yrs will receive a free certificate, sticker and cute Studex bear to make their first piercing a memorable experience!

Under 16’s must be accompanied by parent/guardian.

Non allergenic/ nickel free

30+ yrs experience of ear piercing

Qualified, insured, licensed.

Please note, I am not a specialist ‘body piercer’- conch, daith, rook, tragus, anti-tragus, snug, flat, forward helix, Septum, Septril, Rino etc are NOT available here.

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Nose piercing (choice of various Titanium studs)    £40

Ear lobes & outer helix cartilage ear piercings:

9ct gold- white or yellow with/without cubic zirconia crystals  £40-£70

9ct/ 24ct gold plated over surgical stainless steel   

Stainless Steel with/ without crystals     £25-£42

Titanium    £40

14ct & 18ct gold as well as real diamonds and hoops are also available upon request.