Nail Salon Advice and aftercare


Untrained, unscrupulous, unhygeinic nail techs and high street nail bars without ethics and knowledge have been ruining nails for decades.


… because they’re cheap and sadly as much as we professionals try to educate the public there are still many clients who just don’t care about the health of their natural nail, they just want their nails done regardless of how hideous they look, the damage being done to them or the fact they are buying into modern day slavery.

Always check your nail tech has an NVQ Level 3 in artificial nail techniques and hasn’t just done a one day nail course or worse still has not undertaken any training at all!

Believe it or not the beauty industry is unregulated and ANYONE can set up a salon in the UK regardless of training or insurance.


Every product used within salons on a member of the public MUST carry a ‘Manufacturers Safety Data Sheet’ or it is not covered under the business’ Public Liability Insurance. Many salons buy cheap products from China / Ebay.

Unless purchased from a professional manufacturer the salon is not covered if you develop an allergy.

If your treatment is cheap and the products you see are decanted into generic containers, chances are they are using MMA and snide copies.

Check out the link below and read about MMA Acrylic which is used in Non Standard Salon’s.


Many salons fail to give aftercare advice. It is absolutely vital that clients use a good quality cuticle oll twice daily to ensure strong healthy natural nail growth and nourished cuticles.

It is also important to keep acrylic and gel hydrated and moisturised; without oil your enhancements will become brittle and are then more likely to break.

I always include a small bottle of Dadi Oil into the price of your first set of acrylic nails and strongly recommend the purchase of a bottle if you are having a gel manicure.

This is always available and for clients using it as directed I offer a free repair service within the first seven days of having extensions.

http://famousnamesproducts.com/love-affair-dadi-oil/ (copy and paste ths link into your browser)


Many clients do not book in for a professional removal and instead choose to pick off nail coatings.

In doing so several layers of natural nail will be damaged and this will lead to weeks/ months of thin, dry, sensitive nail plates.


It is vital you book your three weekly appointments well in advance to ensure your nails are maintained within the timescale recommended.

If your nails get too long, they will be ‘tip heavy’ and are more likely to ‘lift’ and break.


Always wear rubber gloves for housework and gardening. Avoid prolonged exposure of water.

b. Wash your hands following application of sun creams.

c. Treat your nails as jewels not tools!


99% of clients have gel polish these days but if you are in the food industry or a doctor/ nurse you will need a polish that you can easily remove at home. However, it must be noted that however ‘quick drying’ the product claims to be I insist you wait within the salon for 30mins before leaving.

* It is also vital you do not get your nails wet for 24hrs or carry out housework, peel vegatables etc!!

* I offer absolutely no longevity with regular manicures.

* I will not repaint if you ruin them opening your car door or putting your seatbelt on and I will not repaint if, after applying your choice of colour you change your mind!

* Due to insurance and lack of MSDS’s I am unable to use your own nail varnish.

…This is why gel manicure has taken over- pre gel my working day could be incredibly frustrating!!

However, if you follow my advise it is more than possible that it will last almost as well as gel.