A bit about me....

I began my career in 1986 when I embarked upon a two year full time course at Norfolk College of Arts and Technology earning both City and Guilds and International Health and Beauty Council Diploma's in Beauty Therapy and Electrical Epilation. Standards were extremely high back then and I am proud to still maintain and develop my knowledge and professionalism by attending many CPD courses and keeping up with current trends and treatments.

My first job out of college was with Glemby International, an extremely busy salon within Eaden Lily Department store in Cambridge. A year later I took the plunge and started my own business. 'Kirsten's Beauty Room's' was born in 1989 in Victoria Street Cambridge above Strands hair salon. A couple of years later I moved the business to the outskirts of town whilst also teaching Beauty Therapy at Cambridge Regional College (having gained my City and Guilds 730 teaching certificate in 1991.) Having moved to Chatteris around this time and getting increasingly fed up with the A14 commute I took a gamble and once again moved the salon to Chatteris High Street. I was the only beauty salon in town at that time and introduced the locals to Dermalogica, acrylic nails, Jessica natural nail manicures, slimming and many other treatments! Six years later, following the birth of my daughter I made the final move into a converted outbuilding adjacent to my home. Last year, I extended the salon and am now so proud of my beautiful nail studio and seperate treatment room and bathroom.

I first met Eve Taylor in 1989. At the time not only was she an internationally acclaimed aromatherapist but she was also responsible for formulating many of the core professional Dermalogica products and was the UK distributor and educator. So impressed was I by her amazing wealth of knowledge I went on to train under her in Clinical Aromatherapy and Reflexology. Chinese Acupressure and many other holistic therapies with The International Dermal Institute also followed. In October 2017 despondant and fed up with Dermalogica which is now owned by Unilever I rediscovered Eve Taylor and was impressed by how her own range has grown out of all recognition. It is now a full skin and bodycare range which offers an effective, beautifully scented essential oil based, affordable range for men. woman and teens. The products are produced locally in Peterborough and unlike most ranges, made in small batches using only the very best essential oils dependant on where in the world has produced the best crop, Therefore ensuring freshness and shelf longevity. The brand has just won the prestigious ' Best professional organic/natural skin care range 2018', is mainly vegan and never tested on animals.

In 1991 I trained in advanced electrolysis with Rita Roberts for the removal of skin tags, milia and red veins. During the same year I trained with NSI in acrylic sculpting and the following year improved upon my knowledge by taking NVQ Level 3 in Advanced Nail Techniques. I also became a Master nail technician with CND and have in the years since taken CPD classes with Hazel Dixon, Gemma Lambert and Alexa Kisygori.

I am excited to announce that as from 22nd October 2018 I will be offering Icon Ultra non surgical Facelift and non- needle mesotherapy. Please see prices listed in treatment menu below.

It's great to be able to offer both holistic and electrical treatments to make each treatment totally unique and bespoke for each and every client.


Policies , You must read this prior to booking!

Yes, this policy section is quite long so make yourself a cuppa and please read carefully! Everything listed is important and necessary for all clients to understand and consider before booking . If you don't like what you read, that's fine,plenty of other salon's out there!

 I have a very strict NO CHILDREN ALLOWED policy . Unless your child is here for a treatment such as leg waxing, facial, ear pierce please do not arrive with a child or you will lose your deposit. A parent or guardian must be present with your child for the entireity of their treatment under child protection law.

As I work alone, for my own safety this is a 'Ladies only' salon.

Unless you are disabled or need assistance please arrive alone. Only CLIENTS are insured to be in the salon.

I do not accept acrylic nail clients under the age of 18 or gel polish clients under 16. This is not a legal requirement  but one of personal, professional preferance; children's nail beds are sensitive, nail plates are still forming and it is inadvisable to apply chemicals which may cause sensitivity/allergies at such a young age. I am glad to hear that NVQ Level 3 nail students are now being taught this; hopefully the next generation of nail techs will be more ethical! 

Facials and leg waxing may be carried out from the age of twelve. Ear piercing from the age of six. I do not wax brows under the age of fourteen and for lash and brow tinting under sixteen. 

A non refundable/ non transferable booking fee of £20-£35 (dependant on length of treatment) is required at point of booking or if your treatment is under £20 a 50% booking fee is required. Your appointment is not guarenteed until this has been received and confirmation has been sent to you.

To avoid any cancellation fee I require 48hrs notice of cancellation. If you give 24hrs notice cancellation fee is 50-100% of cost of initial treatment price booked. This should be paid immediately by bank transfer or further treatments will be cancelled. Every endeavour is made to fill your appointment, if sucessful your cancellation fee will be reinbursed. However, if you're poorly* or running late why not treat a friend or relative to your treatment instead!

*Coughs and colds are a fact of life; if you're literally streaming please don't bring your germs in, stay in bed! However, after the first day or two  I would appreciate your cooperation in donning a surgical mask from the box on the desk and using the antibac provided everytime you blow or wipe your nose!  Tummy bugs are a definite NO- NO!! Ask for a swap on my VIP page.

Please note; throughout December all cancellation fees will be 100% of treatment price regardless of notice or excuse. Please do not book prime slots unless you know with utmost certainty you can make them.

It is important to arrive promptly as lateness may prevent the treatment from taking place and/or impact on other clients- you will still be charged the full price of treatment booked.


*If you are paying for your treatment with a gift voucher please make it known at point of booking as this will act as your deposit and will be lost in it's entireity if you fail to turn up or cancel within 48 hours. 

* Please have your gift voucher number handy when you call; an appointment cannot be made without it.

*Gift vouchers are valid for one year only. Please be sure to book your appointment well in advance of expiry date as an appointment slot cannot be guarenteed if you wait to the last minute.

*If you won your gift voucher in a raffle the expiry date will be within 3 months so again, please be sure to book well in advance and please note raffle prizes are not accepted throughout December and bear no monetary value so cannot be used to purchase products.

* If the treatment booked exceeds the price of gift voucher you will be required to pay the remaining amount at point of booking.

*May I also ask that you consider that it is my generosity that has enabled you to win the prize and it has cost me considerably more than the price of a strip of raffle tickets to book out the slot for you so please be considerate and don't waste my time by not turning up thus preventing a paying client from booking. Sadly it is this behaviour that will one day stop me from helping local charities and fundraising events.*



There is no guarentee of longevity with natural nail manicures.

You will be required to fill in a detailed record card stating any medication you may be taking regularly, please bring a print out. A GDPR policy is in place and you will be required to sign agreement form every year.

Lash lift/ tint patch tests are required for all new clients or clients who haven't been for treatment for 6 months.

Payment is by cash or bank transfer; please bring your banking app with you! 

I run a VIP CLIENTS ONLY  group page on Facebook. Once you have appointments in my diary you may request to join. This group is for appointment swaps and general notices.

Thanks for reading to the end. By booking an appointment you are agreeing to my terms and conditions and I welcome you as a client!





It was my intention to utilise the 'on line booking system' attached to this website but I quickly realised it wasn't going to work for my particuar business. Therefore an availability list will be updated below every evening. If you see a suitable appointment please ensure you have read and agree with the salon policies listed above then contact me by 1. Text  07899755998       2 Business facebook page messenger        3.Call salon 01354 694599.

Please appreciate I work alone and am often unable to reply immediately. Be assured your enquiry is valued and I will contact you asap.

The times listed below show the amount of time free in brackets. However, if you only wish to book for a short treatment you may take it at either end of the available slot.  eg; 1.30pm(2hrs) and you want to book an eyebrow tint, you may book 1.30pm or 3.15pm


Thur 21st   2pm(1hr)  

**MON 25TH 1.30-7.30pm  SPA PACKAGE ONLY**

Wed 27th    7.30pm(facial only)



Thurs 7th  5pm(2hrs)  7.30pm(facial only)

Tues 12th   7pm(facial only)

Wed 13th 10am (30mins)

Mon 18th  4,45pm(2.5hrs)

Tues 19th  7.30pm(facial only)

Thurs 21st  3.45pm(45mins)

Wed 27th  4.15pm(90 mins)  5.45pm(90 mins) 

Thurs 28th  4.30(90mins) 6pm(90mins) 7.30pm(facial only)




Wed 3rd 7.45pm(facial only)

Thur 4th 9.30am(1hr)  

**MON 8TH 1.30-7.30pm SPA PACKAGE ONLY**

Wed 10th 8.30(30mins) 12pm(1hr)  7.30pm(facial only)

Thurs 11th  3pm(90mins)

Thurs 18th   7.30pm (facial only)




Tues 21st 4.30pm (90mins) 7pm(facial only)

Wed 22nd  4.45(90mins)

Wed 29th 3pm(90mins) 

Fri 31st 10.30am(2.5hrs)









iCon Ultralift presents specialised treatments specifically designed to restore muscle tone and regenerate the skins surface.

Rewind the ageing process and look as young as you feel with uplifting and preventative treatments to turn back the years withut surgery or injections.

Using relaxing pulses to stimulate face and body muscles as well as to enhance a vast array of skin tones.

A visible difference is evident after the very first treatment, however, to achieve optimum results it is recommended to have a tailor made course of sessions followed by a monthly maintenance programme.




Ultralift                                                                                                              The ten minute miracle lift is the perfect treatment for everyone with a busy lifestyle. Reducing the appaearance of fine lines, wrinkles  and defining skin contours for a more youthful glow. Amazing results in just 10 minutes!    £20

iCon Lift                                                                                                            This luxurious treatment is iconc in non surgical facials to delivering dramatic results. Stimulating circulation, eliminating toxins and restoring muscle tone. Your face will be noticeably lifted, beautifully smooth with a perfectly refined skin tone.  75 minutes £65 including 3x mesotherapy vials!(usually £5 per vial)

Refine and lift                                                                                                   Skin resurfacing with deep exfoliating, pore refining treatment. Removes dead skin cells, reduces the appearance of blemishes , open pores, fine lines and wrinkles. Followed by a gentle lifting action to define facial contours. Fabulous, flawless results.      45mins  £45

Eye and brow lift                                                                                               Transform and revitalise tired looking eyes with awakening results! Purely concentrating on the upper and lower eye area. Lifting and toning to reduce the appearance of dark circles, fluid retention, crows feet and wrinkles. See the incredible results yourself!   30mins £30

Sleek Cheeks                                                                                                   This unique treatment is ideal for clients who have botox in their upper facial areas. Specifically targeting the lower face, stimulating circulation, removing fluid retention and restoring muscle tone. Lifting and tightening cheek, jowl and chin area to promote a more defined, sulptured jawline and  youthful glow.  30 minutes £30

Ultra Lips                                                                                                          Exclusive naturally enhancing treatment purely designed to plump the upper and lower lip. Reduces the appearance of fine lines around the mouth, resulting in more prominant, softer, fuller lips without the 'Plastic Barbie doll/ Essex Trout Pout effect!'   15 minutes £20

Desincrustation                                                                                                A deep cleansing, purifying treatment suitable for oily, combination and congested skins. Clarifies, rebalances and visibly improves skin texture.       45 mins £45

Iontopheresis                                                                                                    Targets mature, dry and sun damaged skin to restore and replenish moisture levels. Relaxing treatment with hydrating and nourishing effects leaving skin perfectly smooth and beautifully balanced. 45 minutes  £45


NO NEEDLE MESOTHERAPY(No needle injectables)                                   Highly effective, totally non invasive relaxing facial treatment. This will not only tighten tired skin and muscles but will transdermally infuse toxin free, clinically graded products such as 'Lift Btx' (no needle botox) deep into the dermal layers instead of using a needle. This is an age reversal and preventative treatment with ongoing, natural results.                                       No needle mesotherapy can be a stand alone treatment or a treatment add-on.   It takes between 5-10 mins depending on areas treated and is priced at £5 per vial.

F-BTX    This is our Botox alternative; unlike Botox absolutely no toxins in this amazing product just Amino Acids already found in the muscles but which deplete in facial expression muscles.

FHA    Just pure high strength Hyaluronic Acid, another ingredient which naturally occurs in the skin. Hyaluronic acid when applied topically and transdermally delivered into the skin will attract the hyaluronic acid from the lower layers of the dermis/epidermis to rise to the surface leaving dramatically different levels of hydration and plumpness. This can be used anywhere on the face but particularly good on dry, sore lips in the winter months or post sunburn/ damage.

F-XFC+ FACE    This highly potent 'double impact steroid effect'  meso vial strengthens muscle fibres and is especially good on the lower facial areas such as jowels.  Excellent, fast results when used alongside iCon Ultralift for lifting and toning.

F-VIT A/C/E    Fabulous for open pores, sun damaged, acneic skins as well as smokers whose skin may be sallow, lacking oxygen and dirty; great for overall glowing skin.

F-RADIANCE    Targets dark circles around the eyes, hyperpigmentation and scarring.




Neck, Decolette Rejuvenate                                                                             Purely targeting the main area of visible ageing, promoting lymphatic drainage to eliminate fluid retention and toxins. Replenishing sun damaged skin surface. Stimulating current to define muscle and refine skin tone resulting with a firmer neck and defined jaw line.  30 minutes £30

Bust Lift                                                                                                            Superior, non invasive lift with amazing results. Targets bust area to tighten and define muscle tone and perfect skins surface. Luxurious treatment to achieve dramatic uplifting results and enhance cleavage,  30 minutes £30

Batwing Tone                                                                                                    Targeting loose skin and muscle to help combat the unpopular batwing effect. Deeply penetrating microcurrent pulses to help redefine muscle tone. An intensive treatment promoting a more defined, sculptured appearance in the upper arm.   30 minutes  £30

Anti Cellulite for legs, bums and tums                                                               This is a specialised, non invasive treatment to encourage inch loss. Promoting lymphatic drainage, aiding the breakdown of fatty tissue and elimination of cellulite. Results in healthier, smootherr skin tone and body contours. 30 minutes £30

Abdo Tone                                                                                                        Intensive toning and shaping. Purely targeting the abdomen area to tighten and enhance muscle tone. Reducing fluid retention and achieving a slimmer, defined abs.  30mins £30

Derriere and Thigh Lift                                                                                    Non invasive, intensive treatment to help restore muscle tone and redefine your body contour. Lifting and tightening buttocks and thighs for a sculptured, smoother profile. Get the body you deserve!    30 minutes £30

Intensive Hand Treatment                                                                                 The hands always give away a lady's age! This treatment restores muscle tone and stimulates the skins surface providing the client with smoother, more youthful and regenerated skin tone. Outstanding results to compliment any listed hand/nail treatment or as a stand alone treatment   20 mins £20            







Eve Taylor Facials

I knew with absolute certainty at the age of fifteen (1984) that I had  to be a beauty therapist! It was day one of my school work experience and one of the therapists gave me a Cathiodermie facial. I remember a life defining moment of clarity; I had  to make other woman feel as relaxed and pampered as I felt right at that moment! They say nursing is a calling, well so is beauty therapy! Here I am thirtyfour years later still loving what I do and promising to deliver the best facial you've ever had each and every time you come in!


Imagine a cosy, luxurious treatment room , imagine the beautiful scent of an essential oil aromawax candle burning. Imagine being cocooned in a tactile freshly laundered blanket and listening to the gentle melodic sounds of classical music whilst your cares and worries are soothed away during the most relaxing holistic facial you've ever experienced.

I begin with Skin Profiling; an indepth skin analysis system from Eve Taylor. Utilising 50 years of her experience and knowledge I will identify your skin type and any issues or concerns you may have using specialist techniques of both Eastern and Western philosophies and treat your skin accordingly. Solutions, advice and Eve Taylor samples are given at the conclusion of the treatment.

Facial cleansing, Alpha Hydroxy Acid exfoliation (both removed with essential oil infused hot towels), steaming with ET desincrustation gel start off your facial, if necessary I then gently extract any comedones . Once your skin is thoroughly cleansed and refined I will apply a perfect blend of essential oils for your particular skin and begin an amazingly relaxing 35 minute aromatherapy massage. This will encorporate manual lymphatic drainage, oriental accupressure and indian head massage. Headaches, sinus problems, neck and shoulder pain and fatigue will melt away and I defy even the most uptight clients not to fall asleep for at least 5 minutes!            An Eve Taylor treatment serum is then applied under a specialist peel off masque that is specifically mixed for your skins requirements with various hydrolats. Whilst this is delivering optimum benefits I will then massage your hands and arms with the aforementioned melted and thus warm, aromawax candle.                                                                                            The treatment is concluded with the application of further serums, moisturisers and eye products. I will bring you a glass of cold mineral water or cup of your favourite fruit or herbal tea whilst you gently readjust to reality!

Eve Taylor luxury facial 90 mins £55

 Eve Taylor Essential facial 1hr £40 (12 minute massage and core range masque)

Eve Taylor Teen Clean Facial 1hr £40 12yrs+

Eve Taylor Express Prescriptive Facial 30 minutes £20

treatment add ons: 

Perfect Pout! Lip masque add £5                                                                   Revitalising Eye masque add £5

 Icon Ultralift treatments can also be incorporated into a holistic facial for even better results! For desincrustaion or iontophoresis add £10 For non-needle mesotherapy add  £5 per area. 

brow shaping add £12

The full range of Eve Taylor skin and body care is in stock ensuring you can maintain perfect results every day.



Eve Taylor Legs, Bum & Tum detox treatment

The Eve Taylor Legs, Bum and Tum Treatment has been designed to treat the 'lazy' areas of the body that accumulate an excess of tissue fluid and toxins as a result of a sedentary lifestyle combined with a rich over indulgent diet.

The treatment involves stimulation of the circulation and lymphatic system through G5 massage and expertly blended essential oil synergies to assist in contouring these lazy areas by eliminating excess fluids, improving ,soothing and hydrating skin texture.

Treatment time 1 hour 2x weekly. A course of 6 treatments is advised.

Pay for 6 treatments in advance and receive an Eve Taylor Cellulite Serum(specifics 302) and Cellu-lose Contour Cream free.

£40 per treatment

Treatment details: Dry body brushing, exfoliation, G5 Cellulite massage, serum and marine mud body wrap finished with Cellu-lose Contour Cream.

Eve Taylor Purifying Back Treatment

Using purifying essential oils and steam to deep cleanse and unclog the skin this treatment targets the hard to reach, problematic back area. Zones in on breakouts to help clear blemishes with powerful fruit acids while our detoxifying seaweed masque deep cleanses and remineralises the skin .

If your problem area is the buttocks this treatment is also ideal; don't be embarrassed!


Treatment time can vary depending on length of time spent on extractions. Approx 45 mins £30

iCon Ultra Desincrustation can also be added for even better results. Add an extra 15 mins and  £15


Eve Taylor Winter Warmer Body Treatment

Relax and unwind as your body is smothered with warm oil and mineral rich sea salt to smooth and purify your skin. We cocoon you in a layer of warm, skin hydrating masque while your stress and tension is melted away with a soothing scalp massage. Finished with the ultimate luxury of warm candle massage to melt away your worries, saturate your senses and deeply soften your skin.

Treatment time 1 hour £40

Eve Taylor/ Artistic Colour Gloss (Gel) Manicure

High Five Restoring Hand Treatment: This treatment resurfaces and smoothes the hands whilst serums packed with intensive ingredients treat the signs of sun damage and ageing. Speciality masques are applied to brighten and firm before finishing products leave your hands feeling nourished and protected.  Treatment time 20 mins £20

Winter Rescue Hand Treatment: Relieve the skin on your hands from redness, irritation and dryness this season with this fab treat. Nutrient rich oatmeal and botanicals hydrate and nourish leaving skin silky smooth and moisturised.  Includes the use of heated mittens for added luxury. Treatment time 20 mins £20

Old Fashioned Manicure: This traditional method of manicuring is great for clients who prefer a regular nail polish application. Nail shaping, cuticle work, soaking, hand and arm massage and application of Artistic Revolution nail varnish. Treatment time 45 mins + allow a further 30mins drying time .  £30

Artistic Colour Gloss Gel Manicure: A dry/ Russian style manicure ; meticulous cuticle prep, nail shaping and perfect application of gel polish  which will last up to 21 days.   Treatment time from 30 mins                          One colour £20    want glitter or pigment on all 10 digits? add £5                  want french manicure? add £5       Nail art is individually priced. 

Gel polish soak off   30 minutes £10

iCon Ultra Intensive Hand Treatment can be added to any of the above for optimum results.

Eve Taylor Skin Smoothing Salt Scrub

Our finely ground sea salt infused with essential oils of Ylang Ylang soothe the senses while the dull, dry skin cells are buffed away. Skin drenching moisturisers conclude the treatment leaving the skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated.

Treatment time 45 mins £30

Acrylic nail enhancements

I am constantly asked 'How much for a set of nails?' Unfortunately there is no definitive straightforward answer as there are many alternatives. Clients often bring me pics from Instagram or Pintrest to reproduce that may take hours and involve the  application of many Swarovski crystals, hand painted nail art, extreme 3d acrylic sculpting etc. It is all time and product cost dependant. However, listed below is a starting point. Please note all new sets include a free bottle of Dadi Oil for home care maintenance.

 Full set of sculpted one colour nail extensions is £40. Please allow up to 90 mins.

Full set of sculpted babyboomer/ french ombre pink and white nail extensions £50 Allow up to 1hr 45 mins.

Full set of bespoke acrylic design including encapsulated glitter, coloured french/ ombre will start at £55. Allow up to 2.5hrs

Full set of pink and white french sculpts with deep smile line and perfect C-Curve £55 Allow up to 2.5hrs.

Infills are every 3 weeks. If you stick to same colour and do not have any length reduction the cost may be as little as £25-£30

Cover Pink infills + gel polish  75 mins £35

Acrylic redesign is from £45 and may take up to 2 hours.

If you are on a tight budget that's fine, I can work within your limit but you must make it known at the begining of the service.

You will usually only ever need a new set at your first apointment. All my clients (without exception) have grown their own natural nails underneath the acrylic and therefore can take advantage of this added strength . We call this an acrylic overlay.

I  mainly use two acrylic systems; CJP and Hazel Dixon Pro system with odd colours from Nail Artists and Glam and Glits. I have a massive collection of glitters, pigments, chromes, and every conceivable nail art product and material you will ever hear of; literally your choice is infinite!

I only use genuine Swarovski Crystals. Each crystal will be from 50p each dependant on the size.

 Extreme 3d acrylic design takes time and planning, please advise in advance of your appointment if you require something special and I can premake it. Prices start at £3.50 

* I guarentee my acrylic work for 7 days because I am very confident in the fact as long as you are caring for your nails as recommended you will not break them and they wlill not lift. I will always endevour to fix free of charge within 48 hrs of receipt of photograph of break.  If however, you break a nail and you know it was due to excessive force/ injury or you haven't been using your Dadi Oil please own up and pay! Repairs are £5 each or free if you wait till your infill (up to 4). nb; you need to send a photo of your broken nail immediately.

Another frequently asked question is; Do I infill other tech's work?  Kind of!!! As long as I see no obvious sign of contraindication I will efile off the large majority of old acrylic and rebalance with my own products. I do not 'remove' in entireity as it impossible to tell the extent of any damage that may possibly have been done to your natural nails so to grow out old product is the prefered option. Added to which it is virtually impossible to soak off MMA acrylic or Hard Gel; we could be here literally all day and you definitely don't want to be paying me an hourly rate! The cost of your first appointment will be from £45.


Please note; I am not currently taking on any new EVENING nail clients. If there are slots listed it will be for facial appointments only.  Unfortunately I often spend most of my day sitting at my nail desk and my eyes, neck and shoulders, not to mention my artistic inspiration are all shot to pieces by 6pm. I hate turning away business but please appreciate there has to be a cut off point. 







Footlogix Spa Pedicure

The ultimate in spa pedicure treatments; this 90 minute gloriously relaxing, results driven 'medi meets pedi is the best foot treatment you will ever try!

You will be seated in a comfy arm chair wearing a fluffy, freshly laundered and cosy dressing gown and whilst you indulge in a cup of tea or Nespresso coffee we will soak your feet in a warm vibrating bath before exfoliating to above the knee with essential oil infused Seaweed Scrub. An incredible callous remover is then applied and your foot wrapped up in a towel or heated bootie whilst I go to work on the other foot.

Cuticle work and nail cutting/ shaping, removal of hard, dead skin follows leaving your feet looking brand new and truly transformed!

Artistic Colour Gloss gel polish is then applied if required and then it's time for 20 minutes of relaxing leg and foot massage using Footlogix massage Formula which I mix with various Eve Taylor aromatherapy blends to completely customise your experience.

90 minutes  £45     Need a gel soak off? add £10 and 30mins     without polish £35

The full range of Footlogix products is available to purchase in the salon to maintain your feet in perfect condition.


Electrical Epilation known as Electrolysis is the ONLY PROVEN method of permenant removal of superfluous hair.

5-10 mins    £10

10-20 mins   £20

20-30 mins £30

Consultations are private, free and there is no obligation to book but please come and have a chat. I'd love to rid you of those pesky hairs that are making you feel so self conscious!

Over the last 32 years I have helped hundreds of ladies including those with PCOS get rid of facial hair FOREVER. I know exactly what I'm doing; please  trust me to plan your treatment and it WILL work!

I use the 'Blend' method; a combination of diathermy and galvanic current blended together to destroy the follicle and the blood supply that feeds the hair. A full explanation of the treatment will be given at your consultation.

Is it painful? Obviously pain is subjective; I prefer, and my clients tend to agree to call it 'uncomfortable'. If you have a low pain threshold I advise to avoid caffeine and pre menstrual appointments. Tiredness can also heighten sensitivity so choose your apointment times carefully.

A frequently asked question is 'How many treatments will I need?' Unfortunately it is impossible to tell; there are many variables and the truth is, it could take years BUT it will work!- Every treatment will show an improvement; the length of time between treatments will increase, the length of treatment will reduce. The hair will be finer and lose it's pigment and your skin condition will also improve.

Stop shaving, plucking, using depilatory cream forever!

Advanced Electrolysis

Advanced Electrolysis treats red veins, milia and skin tags.

from £35

Please pop in for a no obligation consultation.


Using Waxlogic; strip wax with all the benefits of hot wax.

1/2 leg         £17

3/4 leg         £25

Full leg         £30

Underarm     £10*

Bikini             £10*

Brazilian (landing strip, buttocks, thighs) £25

Eyebrow         £12

chin/lip combi  £12

* £5 when combined with other waxing services

PLEASE NOTE; I choose not to carry out Hollywood waxing

Lash Lift

I've been carrying out this super treatment since it was introduced to the UK many years ago. This is literally a perm for the lashes which gives natural outstanding results for over 8 weeks. Teamed with a lash tint this makes a perfect alternative to expensive, high maintenance lash extensions.

Lash lift including tint £35

Patch tesing is vital at least 48hrs prior to appointment.

Other eye treatments

Lash tint   (20 minutes)    £15

Brow tint and wax (15 minutes) £15

Lash tint/ brow tint and wax (30mins)   £25

Eyebrow shaping using tweezers from £15 (15mins)

Patch test is mandatory 48hrs prior to treatment for new clients and those that haven't had a treatment for 6 months. 


Ear Piercing

* Including 9 carat gold /surgical steel plated , birthstone studs and bottle of ear care lotion for home care regime.

* Pierced with a gun.

* ear lobes ONLY.

* Parent/guardian must be present for under 18's.

* Over 6 yrs only.


Nail Salon Advice and aftercare


Acrylic and gel have a bad reputation for several reasons but choosing your nail tech carefully and knowing the facts will change everything you've ever heard about enhancements!

1.Untrained, unscrupulous, unhygeinic nail techs and high street nail bars without ethics and knowledge  have been ruining nails for decades. Why? because they're cheap and sadly as much as we professionals try to educate the public there are still many clients who just don't care about the health of their natural nail, they just want their nails done regardless of how hideous they look,  the damage being done to them or the fact they are buying into modern day slavery. Always check your nail tech has an NVQ Level 3 in artificial nail techniques and hasn't just done a one day nail course or worse still has not undertaken any training at all! Believe it or not the beauty industry is unregulated and ANYONE can set up a salon in the UK regardless of training or insurance.

2. Every product used within salons on a member of the public MUST carry a 'Manufacturers Safety Data Sheet'  or it is not covered under the business' Public Liability Insurance. Many salons buy cheap products from China/ebay . Unless purchased from a professional manufacturer the salon is not covered if you develop an allergy. If your treatment is cheap and the products you see are decanted into generic containers, chances are they are using MMA and snide copies. Check out the link below and read about MMA Acrylic which is used in Non Standard Salon's.

https://www.salongeek.com/threads/mma.2698/ (copy and paste into your browser)


3. Many salons fail to give aftercare advice. It is absolutely vital that clients use a good quality cuticle oll twice daily to ensure strong healthy natural nail growth and nourished cuticles. It is also important to keep acrylic and gel hydrated and moisturised; without oil your enhancements will become brittle and are then more likely to break. I always include a small bottle of Dadi Oil into the price of your first set of acrylic nails and strongly recommend the purchase of a bottle if you are having a gel manicure. This is always available and for clients using it as directed I offer a free repair service within the first seven days of having extensions.

http://famousnamesproducts.com/love-affair-dadi-oil/  (copy and paste ths link into your browser)


4. Many clients do not book in for a professional removal and instead choose to pick off nail coatings. In doing so several layers of natural nail will be damaged and this will lead to weeks/ months of thin, dry, sensitive nail plates. 


5 .  It is vital you book your three weekly appointments well in advance to ensure your nails are maintained within the timescale recommended. If your nails get too long, they wil be 'tip heavy' and are more likely to 'lift' and break.


6.a.  Always wear rubber gloves for housework and gardening. Avoid prolonged exposure of water.

   b. Wash your hands following application of sun creams.

   c. Treat your nails as jewels not tools!


Regular Nail varnish:

7. 99% of clients have gel polish these days but if you are in the food industry or a doctor/ nurse you will need a polish that you can easily remove at home. However, it must be noted that however 'quick drying' the product claims to be I insist you wait within the salon for 30mins before leaving.

* It is also vital you do not get your nails wet for 24hrs or carry out housework, peel vegatables etc!!

* I offer absolutely no longevity with regular manicures.

* I will not repaint if you ruin them opening your car door or putting your seatbelt on and I will not repaint if, after applying your choice of colour you change your mind!  

* Due to insurance and lack of MSDS's I am unable to use your own nail varnish. 

...This is why gel manicure has taken over- pre gel my working day could be incredibly frustrating!!

However, if you follow my advise it is more than possible that it will last almost as well as gel.


Saturday Spa package

If you would love to spend an entire day being pampered I offer occasional Saturdays to those wanting a 1:1 spa package. Dates are not advertised but if you would like a particular day please ask for availability. 

This fabulous day of luxurious pampering includes:

*Eve Taylor 90 minute Luxury Facial

*Footlogix 90 minute Luxury Spa Pedicure

 Choice of either * one colour Full set of sculptured acrylic nails OR *Artistic Colour Gloss Gel Manicure with choice of Eve Taylor hand treatment.  OR *Your choice of Eve Taylor Spa Body treatment.

NB: If you would like a bespoke acrylic nail design this will be at an additional cost.

Light lunch served with up to 2 glasses of Fizz, unlimited mineral water, tea or Nespresso coffee.

 This is an unhurried day for you to unwind, chill and feel truly special, spoilt and indulged.  This day often exceeds 6 hours; absolutely no clock watching, it's just us having a girly but totally professional day.

*50% non refundable booking fee is required at point of booking. This is not transferable.

£160 including my choice of Eve Taylor free gift.

Plus 10% off any products totalling over £100


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