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Covid-19 Post Lockdown Protocols

We are now open for all treatments! Government guidelines are fully adhered to and indeed our H&S is above and beyond industry best practise. The latest addition to the salon is a Ravair Hepa and Carbon , antimicrobial filtered air purifier which removes 99.99 % of airborne particulates and pathogens including virus’s, providing you with the cleanest air possible!

As a professional beauty therapist and advanced electrologist, I have always had an exceptional standard of hygiene- in this industry, we should be sanitising, disinfecting with a medical-grade
product and where appropriate sterilising. Disposing of Sharps appropriately, double-bagging contaminated disposables and excellent hand hygiene. My towels, headbands, etc have always been
one use only. Beauty therapists have always, and still need to protect our clients from transmittable diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis, and fungal infections.
However, due to Covid-19 being so contagious we have had to step it up a gear by putting some additional measures into place. I hope you will feel entirely confident to return to the salon knowing that every consideration has been made.

What you can expect from me…

A standard of hygiene above and beyond suggested government guidelines, this includes:
Disinfection of every touchpoint in between clients- ie; door handles, taps, chairs, desk, couch, etc
The introduction of PPE. I will be wearing FFP3 Respiratory mask, apron, Visor, and gloves where necessary.
One use/ disposable items such as towels, nail brushes, nails files, and buffers.
All metal tools will be sterilised.
COVID –19 isn’t technically airborne but it can ‘hitch a ride’ on dust particles. Superfine dust is something my e-file produces in abundance. This coupled with the issue of acrylic monomer vapours
and odours I decided to upgrade my extraction system to a Vodex SalonAIR with HEPA and carbon filters which suck those nasties away at the source! For those of you who may be immunosuppressed or
suffer from asthma and allergies, this is a fantastic addition for your comfort and health.

Things you need to know:

Drinks will no longer be offered as removal of mask compromises hygiene protocol. You are requested not to bring your own either! I’m sorry I know my nail ladies love their frothy Nespresso- it will definitely make a return eventually!
To adhere to social distancing there will be no overlap of clients for the foreseeable future; please appreciate there will be a one in/one out policy with a 20-minute cleaning time in-between. I cannot
allow you to enter early/ before infection control has been carried out or wait for a lift home post-treatment. It would be advisable to wait in your car- I will call you when I’m ready or during the summer months please wait in the garden.
There will be a surcharge per appointment to cover relevant PPE/disposables/ infection control. It
would, therefore, be advisable to consider booking multiple treatments in one block booking to save money!
If going into the treatment room, you will be required to wear (provided) disposable slippers.
I will NOT be taking your temperature; I’m not a nurse, you may be hormonal, it may be very hot outside- You may have just had a hot cup of tea – there are many variables that may cause your temperature to be higher!

I really need you to:

Be transparent – you will be sent a digital form pre-treatment to confirm that to your knowledge you or your contacts have not shown signs of Corona Virus. My cancellation fee is waived ONLY IF this is
the case so please be honest.

Be punctual! This is more important than ever now I have no waiting facility.
Arrive alone unless you’re coming for a double appointment with a member of your household or bringing YOUR child for treatment.
Bring only minimal personal possessions and limited jewellery, ideally no watch, bracelets or rings
(wedding /engagement ring are fine) and just payment method; Phone with a banking app, correct cash, or cheque in an envelope. If you do bring a bag place it on disposable paper by door.
Arrive wearing a clean, fresh mask. (masks will be available to purchase if you forget).


If you want me to recreate a particular set of nails, please send me a screenshot pre-appointment as once hand sanitation is complete you cannot touch your phone until payment.
Be patient with the ‘new normal’. It’s certainly not how I want your salon experience to be or how I want to work but needs must! I’m sure as the ‘R’ goes down we can ultimately relax the extreme
hygiene precautions when permitted.

Thank you in anticipation and I very much look forward to welcoming you back!

Kirsten Steward Beauty Therapy

I began my career in 1986 when I embarked upon a two year full time course at Norfolk College of Arts and Technology earning both City and Guilds and International Health and Beauty Council Diploma’s in Beauty Therapy and Electrical Epilation.

Standards were extremely high back then and I am proud to still maintain and develop my knowledge and professionalism by attending many CPD courses and keeping up with current trends and treatments.

My first job out of college was with Glemby International, an extremely busy salon within Eaden Lily Department store in Cambridge. A year later I took the plunge and started my own business.

‘Kirsten’s Beauty Room’s’ was born in 1989 in Victoria Street Cambridge above Strands hair salon. 

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