Yes, this policy section is quite long so make yourself a cuppa and please read carefully! Everything listed is important and necessary for all clients to understand and consider before booking . If you don’t like what you read, that’s fine,plenty of other salon’s out there!

I have a very strict NO CHILDREN ALLOWED policy . Unless your child is here for a treatment such as leg waxing, facial, ear pierce please do not arrive with a child or you will lose your deposit. A parent or guardian must be present with your child for the entirety of their treatment under child protection law.

As I work alone, for my own safety this is a ‘Ladies only’ salon.

Unless you are disabled or need assistance please arrive alone. Only CLIENTS are insured to be in the salon.

I do not accept acrylic nail clients under the age of 18 or gel polish clients under 16. This is not a legal requirement but one of personal, professional preference; children’s nail beds are sensitive, nail plates are still forming and it is inadvisable to apply chemicals which may cause sensitivity/allergies at such a young age. I am glad to hear that NVQ Level 3 nail students are now being taught this; hopefully the next generation of nail techs will be more ethical!

Facials and leg waxing may be carried out from the age of twelve. Ear piercing from the age of six. I do not wax brows under the age of fourteen and for lash and brow tinting under sixteen.

A non refundable/ non transferable booking fee of £20-£35 (dependant on length of treatment) is required at point of booking or if your treatment is under £20 a 50% booking fee is required. Your appointment is not guarenteed until this has been received and confirmation has been sent to you.

To avoid any cancellation fee I require 48hrs notice of cancellation. If you give 24hrs notice cancellation fee is 50-100% of cost of initial treatment price booked. This should be paid immediately by bank transfer or further treatments will be cancelled. Every endeavour is made to fill your appointment, if sucessful your cancellation fee will be reinbursed. However, if you’re poorly* or running late why not treat a friend or relative to your treatment instead!

*Coughs and colds are a fact of life; if you’re literally streaming please don’t bring your germs in, stay in bed! However, after the first day or two I would appreciate your cooperation in donning a surgical mask from the box on the desk and using the antibac provided everytime you blow or wipe your nose! Tummy bugs are a definite NO- NO!! Ask for a swap on my VIP page.

Please note; throughout December all cancellation fees will be 100% of treatment price regardless of notice or excuse. Please do not book prime slots unless you know with utmost certainty you can make them.

It is important to arrive promptly as lateness may prevent the treatment from taking place and/or impact on other clients- you will still be charged the full price of treatment booked.



*If you are paying for your treatment with a gift voucher please make it known at point of booking as this will act as your deposit and will be lost in it’s entirety if you fail to turn up or cancel within 48 hours.

* Please have your gift voucher number handy when you call; an appointment cannot be made without it.

*Gift vouchers are valid for one year only. Please be sure to book your appointment well in advance of expiry date as an appointment slot cannot be guaranteed if you wait to the last minute.

*If you won your gift voucher in a raffle the expiry date will be within 3 months so again, please be sure to book well in advance and please note raffle prizes are not accepted throughout December and bear no monetary value so cannot be used to purchase products and are not allowed in any circumstance to be sold for your own monetary gain!

* If the treatment booked exceeds the price of gift voucher you will be required to pay the remaining amount at point of booking.

*May I also ask that you consider that it is my generosity that has enabled you to win the prize and it has cost me considerably more than the price of a strip of raffle tickets to book out the slot for you so please be considerate and don’t waste my time by not turning up thus preventing a paying client from booking. Sadly it is this behaviour that will one day stop me from helping local charities and fundraising events.*


There is no guarantee of longevity with natural nail manicures.

You will be required to fill in a detailed record card stating any medication you may be taking regularly, please bring a print out. A GDPR policy is in place and you will be required to sign agreement form every year.

Lash lift/ tint patch tests are required for all new clients or clients who haven’t been for treatment for 6 months.

Payment is by cash or bank transfer; please bring your banking app with you!

I run a VIP CLIENTS ONLY group page on Facebook. Once you have appointments in my diary you may request to join. This group is for appointment swaps and general notices.

Thanks for reading to the end. By booking an appointment you are agreeing to my terms and conditions and I welcome you as a client!