Electrical Epilation known as Electrolysis is the ONLY PROVEN method of permanent removal of superfluous hair.

Consultations are private, free and there is no obligation to book but please come and have a chat. I’d love to rid you of those pesky hairs that are making you feel so self conscious!

Over the last 32 years I have helped hundreds of ladies including those with PCOS get rid of facial hair FOREVER. I know exactly what I’m doing; please trust me to plan your treatment and it WILL work!

I use the ‘Blend’ method; a combination of diathermy and galvanic current blended together to destroy the follicle and the blood supply that feeds the hair. A full explanation of the treatment will be given at your consultation.

Is it painful?

Obviously pain is subjective; I prefer, and my clients tend to agree to call it ‘uncomfortable’. If you have a low pain threshold I advise to avoid caffeine and pre menstrual appointments. Tiredness can also heighten sensitivity so choose your appointment times carefully.

A frequently asked question is ‘How many treatments will I need?

Unfortunately it is impossible to tell; there are many variables and the truth is, it could take years BUT it will work!- Every treatment will show an improvement; the length of time between treatments will increase, the length of treatment will reduce. The hair will be finer and lose it’s pigment and your skin condition will also improve.

Stop shaving, plucking, using depilatory cream forever!

Electrolysis Pricing

5-10 mins £10

10-20 mins £20

20-30 mins £30

Advanced Electrolysis

Advanced Electrolysis treats red veins, milia and skin tags.

from £35

Please pop in for a no obligation consultation.