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Electrical Epilation often referred to as Electrolysis, is my absolute passion and most favourite treatment to perform; the job satisfaction it gives me is second to none, especially when treating clients with PCOS who very often have severe superfluous hair issues on their face, back, chest etc.

Over the last 3+ decades I have helped hundreds of ladies get rid of their facial hair forever!

I’m quick, my insertions are accurate and my experience has given me a sixth sense in knowing when I’ve reached the dermal papilla.

Additionally, during my recent updated education, I learnt an advanced technique whereby I also apply an extra flash of current to the hair ‘bulge’ too! This ensures the most effective results possible!

The Apilus Senior 3G machine I have recently invested in, is without doubt the most sophisticated technology available in the industry.

Hundreds of innovative computer assisted pre-set programmes allow me to provide the most perfect, effective, treatments to destroy the germinative cells that are responsible for hair growth.

Since 1875 Electrolysis remains the ONLY hair removal procedure proven & recognised by government regulatory agencies and unlike laser can be used on any skin type, skin colour & hair colour.

Laser works on the chromophore melanin; once the hair loses its pigmentation, laser no longer works; indeed many of my clients have wasted thousands of pounds on laser under the false impression it is permanent removal when in fact it is only permanent ‘reduction’.

If you’re constantly waxing/plucking, shaving and your skin is suffering from constant barrier function impairment, spots and sensitivity and you want to free yourself from the constraints, anguish, self-consciousness & embarrassment this brings, if you’re transitioning or if you just have a few annoying hairs, please book for a consultation to discuss how I can help you to get rid of them FOREVER!

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Obviously pain is subjective but most of my clients tend to agree that it’s ‘uncomfortable’ as opposed to ‘painful’.

If you have a low pain threshold I advise to avoid caffeine & pre-menstrual appointments.

Tiredness can also heighten sensitivity so choose your appointment times carefully.

EMLA cream (topical lidocaine) can be purchased to numb the skin pre-treatment if you’re having larger areas or upper lip cleared.

Apilus technology allows for the most gentle electrolysis treatment in the world; with units that are seven times more powerful than standard epilation machines, the computer can allow up to one thousandth of a second timing.

Unfortunately it’s impossible to tell because there are so many variables such as various hormonal issues and possibly years of plucking that inevitably causes a distortion of the follicle.

The truth is, it could potentially take years. However, with my new Apilus the chances of reaching a fast treatment conclusion are incredibly high! Following my treatment plan is also imperative.

Every treatment will give an improvement, the length of time between treatments will increase, the session time will reduce, the hair will quickly become finer and lose its pigment and your skin condition will improve.


You will probably see a slight and temporary erythema & oedema for no more than a few hours, after all, it is an invasive heat treatment BUT the electrical current stays within the skin, thus does no damage to the surface tissues.

If you are prone to sensitivity and redness I can finish the treatment with a few minutes of Cataphoresis which soothes, calms, hydrates and vaso-constricts the tissues, neutralises any lye produced with ‘the blend’ method and has an antibacterial effect.

You may prefer an anti-inflammatory 20 minute Celluma LED session to speed up healing & regenerate the skin as a relaxing add-on service.



Electrolysis is not like laser; I definitely don’t want you to do any of the above but you can certainly snip them with scissors if you really must! However, that will blunt the end and make them feel prickly so you’ll feel more confident and less likely to touch your face if you just leave them alone.

During the treatment I will painlessly remove them with tweezers having separated them from the dermal papilla.

If you’d like to discuss your suitability to treatment, please send me an email and I’ll send you a consultation form- it’s a Word document that you can easily edit yourself and return by email. This ensures we don’t waste time by booking a physical consultation only to find out you’re contraindicated.

First appointment includes detailed consultation & procedure explanation, 5-20 minutes of treatment and a bottle of Hypo21 (hypochlorous acid) for home care use…… £83


5-10 minutes £25

10-20 minutes £30

20-30 minutes £35

30-45 minutes £50

1hr £65

Hypo21 £52.99