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Blemish Removal

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Blemish Removal

Using The Apilus Senior 3G machine in ‘Thermo Flash mode’, removal of red veins, spider neavi, cherry angioma’s, milia, skin tags, solar keratosis, sebaceous cysts, and other minor skin blemishes has never been easier.

I’ve been qualified since 1991 in this technique and have removed many hundreds of blemishes.

To save a wasted appointment, please contact me via email and I’ll send you over a consultation document to edit and return (including a pic of your blemish if you’re unsure as to what it is.)

I’m not a Doctor so cannot diagnose, therefore if I’m also unsure, you will need your GP’s permission in writing before I can carry out the service.

Initial appointment includes detailed consultation, procedure explanation, 15 minutes of treatment (a lot can be achieved in this time) and a bottle of Hypo21 for at-home aftercare £100

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15 minutes £50

30 minutes £80

Hypo21 £52.99