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Brow Lamination & Tinting

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Brow Lamination & Tinting

Well it’s been around since 2019 & if you Google it you may see some pretty strange looking brows from fluffy to ridiculous, which to be honest, had put me off training in it until now! (Jan ‘23). However, if it’s done sensibly & correctly it can be a Godsend! Course, straggly, unruly hairs can be tamed into place, gaps & scarcity can be disguised and a fuller, sleeker, more symmetrical brow can be achieved. Almost any length of hair will benefit from a lamination; however, if your brows are brittle, extremely thin, with large areas of missing hair, lamination is sadly not for you. If your brows are long and healthy you’ll have a truly fantastic result!

Brow Lamination is not without maintenance; they will still need to be brushed and oiled daily, particularly every time they’ve been slept on or following a shower.

It’s done in exactly the same way as a lash lift or indeed a hair perm; step one is application of a softening lotion that breaks down the disulphide bonds of the hair, then the step 2 lotion sets them into position. A conditioning treatment, tint and wax is then carried out as per normal!

Don’t worry if you don’t like the exact positioning, you can easily brush them to a position that you do like without too much effort!

Patch tests are a pre requisite 48hrs pre lamination.

Please avoid retinoids, acids/ exfoliants for at least 4 days pre & post lamination and chemical peels or dermaplaning for approx 2 weeks either side.

If your brows have been microbladed within the last 3 months or if you have recent scar tissue in this area or been on a course of Accutane you’ll need to wait 6 months as skin will be thinner, highly sensitised and the combined processes are just too much for delicate skin or if you generally have highly reactive skin/ impaired barrier function you are also contraindicated.

Steam/ hot showers/ tanning booth/ swimming and high impact exercise that creates excessive sweating should also be avoided for 24-48hrs post lamination. Try to avoid make-up; mineral foundation will be OK but only if you really have to!

Results last approximately 6-8 weeks, sometimes up to 10 depending on natural shedding and how well you look after them but you may want another tint/ wax in-between laminations and after 4 weeks you may want to try Brow Geek’s ‘Brow Jelly’.


Brow lamination + regular tint & wax £60
Add £10 for hybrid Infinity dye

Combined brow lamination/ lash lift/ brow tint £90
Add £10 for hybrid Infinity dye on lash & brows.

Lash tint £20

Brow tint/ wax £25

Lash/brow tint & wax £33

Eyebrow wax £20

Eyebrow shaping using tweezers only from £20 – by consultation

A patch test is mandatory 48hrs prior to treatment for new clients and those that haven’t had a treatment for 6 months.

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Infinity Luxe Hybrid Brow Dye

Hybrid Brows from ‘The Brow Geek’ is the newest and fastest growing industry trend!

… It’s an amazing & remarkable cross between a TINT that uniquely colours the brow hair for up to 6 weeks by actually penetrating the hair shaft, as opposed to coating it like traditional tints AND a DYE that stains the skin (similarly to Henna) for 7 (& sometimes up to 14 days!) Hence the term ‘hybrid.’

Unlike Henna this can be applied immediately following a brow lamination- (no need to wait a fortnight.)

This is brand new to market (Jan ’23) & has been extensively tested on willing humans only! Is vegan, contains no parabens or other nasties, just full of nourishing ingredients.

Seven shades that can be mixed for a totally bespoke colour match.

*Hybrid provides a dense, more defined, blocky look so if you’re inclined towards a more natural, feathery look which is actually more in keeping with brow lamination, stick to a regular tint. If you have photos of brows you love, be sure to screen shot and we can discuss pre-treatment.



Hybrid brow colour & wax (without lamination) …£35

Patch test required.