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I begin with Skin Profiling; an in-depth skin analysis system from Eve Taylor. Utilising 50 years of her experience and knowledge I will identify your skin type and any issues or concerns you may have using specialist techniques of both Eastern and Western philosophies and treat your skin accordingly. Solutions, advice and Eve Taylor samples are given at the conclusion of the treatment.

Facial cleansing, Alpha Hydroxy Acid exfoliation (both removed with essential oil infused hot towels), steaming with ET desincrustation gel start off your facial, if necessary I then gently extract any comedones.

Once your skin is thoroughly cleansed and refined I will apply a perfect blend of essential oils for your particular skin and begin an amazingly relaxing 35 minute aromatherapy massage. This will encorporate manual lymphatic drainage, oriental acupressure and indian head massage. Headaches, sinus problems, neck and shoulder pain and fatigue will melt away and I defy even the most uptight clients not to fall asleep for at least 5 minutes!

An Eve Taylor treatment serum is then applied under a specialist peel off masque that is specifically mixed for your skins requirements with various hydrolats.

Whilst this is delivering optimum benefits I will then massage your hands and arms with the aforementioned melted and thus warm, aromawax candle.

The treatment is concluded with the application of further serums, moisturisers and eye products.

I will bring you a glass of cold mineral water or cup of your favourite fruit or herbal tea whilst you gently readjust to reality!

*Ultra-Sonic-using sound waves via an electronic spatula to effectively boost cleansing, exfoliation,
to clarify & propel active ingredients into the epidermis.

*Galvanic- using rollers to break down keratinised proteins, treat oily, congested, acneic skins by
saponifying excess sebum as well as oxygenating, improving blood flow & propelling active
ingredients into the epidermis.

The full range of Eve Taylor skin and body care is in stock ensuring you can maintain perfect results every day.

all about


All treatments include an extra 20-minute skin profiling for new

Eve Taylor luxury facial

75 mins £70

90 mins (includes ultra sonic or galvanic) £90

Eve Taylor Essential facial 1hr £50 (12 minute massage and core range masque)

Eve Taylor Teen Clean Facial 1hr £50 12yrs+

Add-on Celluma LED low level light therapy 30 mins £25

Eve Taylor Purifying Back

Using purifying essential oils and steam to deep cleanse and unclog the skin this treatment targets the hard to reach, problematic back area. Zones in on breakouts to help clear blemishes with powerful fruit acids while our detoxifying seaweed masque deep cleanses and remineralises the skin .

If your problem area is the buttocks this treatment is also ideal; don’t be embarrassed!


Treatment time can vary depending on length of time spent on extractions. Approx 60 mins £65