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Footlogix Spa Pedicure

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Footlogix Spa Pedicure

I am no longer taking on new Spa Pedicure treatment clients unless you buy it as an addon service to either electrolysis or a facial treatment.

The ultimate in spa pedicure treatments; this 90 minute gloriously relaxing, results driven ‘medi meets pedi is the best foot treatment you will ever try!

You will be seated in a comfy arm chair wearing a fluffy, freshly laundered and cosy dressing gown and whilst you indulge in a cup of tea or Nespresso coffee we will soak your feet in a warm vibrating bath before exfoliating to above the knee with essential oil infused Seaweed Scrub. An incredible callous remover is then applied and your foot wrapped up in a towel or heated bootie whilst I go to work on the other foot.

Cuticle work and nail cutting/ shaping, removal of hard, dead skin follows leaving your feet looking brand new and truly transformed!

Artistic Colour Gloss gel polish is then applied if required and then it’s time for 20 minutes of relaxing leg and foot massage using Footlogix massage Formula which I mix with various Eve Taylor aromatherapy blends to completely customise your experience.

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90 mins inc ACG gel polish or regular polish £70

gel soak off £10

Pedi without polish £55