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Gua Sha

Gua Sha Drain, Lift & Glow Facial

With it’s roots firmly planted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), dating back thousands of years, this relaxing, stress relieving facial is the ultimate in holistic treatments &/or the perfect pre-special-occasion treat. It’s quite incredible how this ancient ritual has stayed a secret for so long; only just becoming super trendy thanks to social media proving the absolutely mind blowing results gained in only one treatment!

Using beautiful smooth edged crystals and stones and aromatic botanicals specific strokes following meridians and acupressure points will drain lymph, increase blood circulation & release stagnated Qi, thus detoxifying, improving nutrition & oxygen supply to the cells, ultimately regenerating the tissues, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and reducing puffiness & dark eye circles.
Cocooned in a soft blanket, gentle music, aromatic candles… this unique facial (of my design) starts with TCM face mapping before deep cleansing with hot clear Quartz crystal mushrooms, steam and hot towels (in the winter months) and cool in the summer.

We start with breathe work followed by manual pressure point massage and traditional Gua Sha to loosen & awaken the muscles and meridians, then using more modern, western techniques to lift & sculpt, release tension throughout the face, neck & shoulders finishing with more lymphatic drainage and facial zone work- much like reflexology on the feet.

The treatment concludes with hydrating mist, moisturiser & SPF.
I highly recommend the use of a jade roller and some kind of Gua Sha tool for home use to maintain and improve upon the professional treatment and Eve Taylor aromatic serums (in stock) make the perfect medium for home care – I can give you some tips & tricks! Just a few minutes daily will keep your skin looking radiant & youthful; you’ll never need Botulinum Toxin or fillers again- I kid you not!

all about


90 mins of sheer bliss (which includes 60 minutes of TCM/ Gua Sha massage £75

Gua Sha Ultimate Facial

As above but with the addition of:
Celluma LED light Therapy (see ‘advanced skin treatments ‘for details) + Hand & Arm Gua Sha massage to further work the meridians that are responsible for dark eye circles, puffiness & crow’s feet.

2hrs of sheer bliss…. £100

Further Information

Pls note this treatment really is a detox of body & mind, thus if you have experienced recent bereavement, grief/ pent up emotions Gua Sha can leave you with a headache, drained, tearful, even flu like symptoms the next day. (Most people will NOT experience this but it is an important consideration when planning your treatment)

However, this is only for 24 hrs max -you will then feel the atypical after effects of Gua Sha- revitalised, happy, relaxed & chilled!

Best time of day for this treatment is late afternoon; it gives you plenty of time to drink enough before going to bed, however, if you have regular massage do take advantage of an evening appointment … zzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Drink plenty of room temperature water, avoid alcohol, caffeine, smoking, heavy meals.
  • Rest & sleep as much as possible.
  • Wear sunscreen!