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Signature Facial

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Signature Facial

Signature facials seem to be the ‘in thing’ at the moment! I’ve always been a holistic therapist; my first priority is to care for both your skin and well- being.

My L4 in aesthetic practise and L5 in advanced skin science qualification gives me the ability to incorporate sophisticated technology with decades of hands-on therapeutic experience…

Holistic facials aren’t just ‘fluffy’- they definitely can also be ‘results driven’ when you know what you’re doing! 

So I’ve put together this incredible 2 hour bespoke treatment that combines Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques (TCM) with the most up to date, quality ingredients/ products & equipment to leave you with visibly improved, glowing, lifted skin. Indeed this facial can (albeit temporarily) knock off 10yrs!

I start every facial with a consultation- (you may need an advanced consult if you have a specific skin/health problem-please mention this at time of booking) and skin analysis; photos are always taken for a visual record of skin improvement (you will be sent copies) – informed consent and GDPR forms are signed at every appointment.

The Peaceful, tranquil ‘me time’ starts here ….You will be cosily cocooned in clean/ disposable blankets, relaxing aromatherapy candles are burning whilst I commence with deep cleansing; gentle steam if necessary/ appropriate and the use of warm towels infused with essential oils for an extremely comforting part of the initial process…

This is followed by gentle enzymatic peeling (or if you’re used to my products we can even potentially do a light chemical peel) which reveals a smooth, soft, bright canvas. 

Celluma LED phototherapy follows; this medical device used proven wavelengths to treat all skin conditions & upregulates ATP production for incredible cellular regeneration. During this part of the treatment you’ll enjoy a hand/arm massage with warm Aromawax. This not only improves circulation and skin condition but also works on meridians that are linked to the face, thus has an effect on puffy eyes & dark circles .

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Next up is Cold Atmospheric Plasma; cutting edge technology to further treat specific conditions (particularly acne, rosacea & eczema) but also improves skin permeability so it’s ready to absorb sterile, highly active mesotherapy ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, Vitamins, minerals, retinol, glutathione and growth factors by means of electroporation or sonophoresis (painless electrical current that pushes product further into the epidermis than is possible with regular topical application.)

These ingredients communicate with keratinocyte cells that will in turn, talk to the fibroblasts- ultimately improving skin health and collagen synthesis.)

For incredible surface hydration an Epidermal Growth Factor/ HA Mask is applied to face & décolleté-during which you’ll enjoy a 20 minute myofascial lymph drainage massage of neck/shoulders & scalp. 

Finally you’ll experience a further 20 minutes of facial massage concentrating on natural face lift techniques using aromatherapy oils before moisturiser & SPF is applied.

A cup of Mother Cuppa Adaptogenic tea is then served whilst you gently return to reality.

This amazing treatment can be taken monthly, as and when you can afford, or is perfect the day before a special occasion. Bride or Mother -of -The Bride? This is for you! 


£140 for new clients (including 20 min consult)

£130 for regular repeat treatments taken within 6 weeks, booked and paid in advance.

Go on…you’re worth it