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Zemits Crystalfrax - Radio Frequency

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Zemits Crystalfrax -Radio Frequency

You may have heard the word bandied around but you probably have no idea how this high frequency alternating current can help you!

RF is the latest treatment in my increasingly perfect tool box, allowing me to now effectively treat the lower layers of the Dermis.

Chemical peeling and microneedling treat the epidermal layers, instigating cellular communication thus stimulating the fibroblasts in the papillary dermis. LED treats the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous layers but only RF really gets to grips with the damaged collagen fibres within the lower layers as well as stimulating the fibroblasts that live here, giving a fabulously effective lifting effect.

Electromagnetic radiation generates an electrical field and this is converted into radiated heat- raising the temperature of the tissues in the reticular dermis (avoiding any discomfort to the outer tissues) and the rotational motion of the molecules causes the superficial collagen to retract, restructures deeper collagen fibres as well as regenerating plenty of new collagen!

This treatment can be performed as a stand-alone course of 3-6 treatments but can you imagine the results of combined regenerative treatments?

I have designed & developed the most outstanding protocol that combines chemical peeling, microneedling , RF and LED to give you the most superlative treatment available anywhere in the

If you’re considering Botox or fillers, let me talk to you first; preventative, regenerative treatments will cultivate your collagen and ultimately prevent the need for them.

There are 28 types of collagen found within our bodies; 11 are found in varying quantities in our skin.

In aesthetics we are mainly concerned with stimulating Collagen type III and converting it into type I that gives our skin it’s tensile strength, but also the proliferation of types IV, VII &; XVII which all help with the adhesion of our epidermis to the dermis. This adhesion is lost due to sun damage and other free radical damage resulting in sagging/ slipping skin. 

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Fibroblasts stop proactively making collagen when we’re 35! From the age of 21 we lose 1.5% of our collagen every year!

By the time we’re menopausal we’ve lost in excess of 60% of our dermal collagen and Hyaluronic acid with a further 30% being lost in the five years following menopause and 2% being lost every year following! Scary stuff!

Radio Frequency is an incredible treatment BUT leaving it till you’re post 55yrs of age is pushing its limits – start early for the best preventative results.

Leaving it too late means the only options left are
filler and surgery. ONLY regenerative treatments will stimulate the fibroblasts into producing more collagen and HA;

We must then feed and nurture these baby bundles of type III into the strong type I that’s necessary to lift and tone the skin; this means using my incredible ekseption cosmeceutical products filled with highly active, potent ingredients such as growth factors, antioxidants and HA for up to two years.

However once you’ve invested and seen the results of good skin care, there’s no going back and you’ll be addicted to these very special products that don’t just disguise the loss of volume and tensile strength but actually kick in our own naturally regenerative abilities.


Prices of this treatment will vary depending on each individual case, as previously mentioned RF is best used in conjunction with other regenerative treatments for an all-round, high spec treatment.

ZEMITS CRYSTALFRAX- fractional Radio Frequency
Cleanse, gentle peel, Crystalfrax, Celluma LED & treatment face mask with scalp massage £150.00