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Diversity, equity & inclusion

Today I’ve been mulling over the issue of equity within my salon.
I actually believed until today I was fully inclusive; after years of being ‘ladies only’ I now have several male facial & waxing clients, I welcome any members of the LGBTQia+ community with open arms, especially those who are transitioning and need electrolysis pre surgery.
I’m on the ground floor with double doors so can accommodate the elderly or clients who may use a wheelchair, (although a companion may have to help with getting from wheelchair to treatment couch.)
I’m confident in treating melanin rich skin.
I already ask on my consultation form whether you are significantly visually impaired or deaf as they’re vital questions, especially if a client is reliant on lip reading.
However, until a conversation with an industry friend (Thankyou Sue Davies!) I hadn’t given a thought to those diagnosed with OCD, ADHD, ADD, dyslexia, autism & anxiety and what I can do to 1. encourage them into the salon & 2. once here, ensure their experience is equally as pleasurable & positive compared to anyone else.
Since Covid I have made a big effort with treatment timings; it is rare that clients overlap, although admittedly it’s sometimes difficult to avoid. Thinking about equity has made me realise that some people may panic at the thought of unexpectedly seeing someone other than myself when they arrive or leave, thus I have added questions to my consultation form to ensure this never happens again.
My facial treatment & electrolysis consultation forms are quite long Word documents that I send via email pre treatment. 1. It saves lots of time when you get here & 2. I have a chance to research your medication, check medical history, current regime etc to ensure we can safely go ahead with a treatment.
Today, it occurred to me for the first time that the potential client could be dyslexic & therefore may struggle with reading or writing! ????‍♀️
So, another addition to my consultation is the statement ‘if you’re dyslexic or have learning difficulties, let me know and we’ll do this over Zoom/ FaceTime or in the salon’. Obviously this will also be a verbal question on the phone too!
Perhaps You’re very ‘sensory’; you hate background music and chitchat preferring totally quiet time?
Perhaps you’ll feel more relaxed with a weighted blanket?
Perhaps, like my daughter, you hate the sensation of oils on your skin & the thought of massage sends you into panic but you’re too embarrassed to say anything?
Maybe the bright magnifying lamp and/ or ring light that helps me take great before & after pics is triggering?
Whatever the barrier preventing you from accessing a professional salon treatment please let it be known.
As an experienced therapist I’ve no doubt dealt with the same or similar issue many times but equally, on hindsight, I’ve no doubt put many others off due to not asking the right questions! ????‍♀️
I promise I will be understanding, empathetic and do all I can to ensure you feel that your needs have been met or indeed, superseded with a treatment & environment tailored to suit you.