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Do You Know What The Best Eye Cream Is?

I’m often asked what’s the best daily eye product I sell; there’s ekseption’s Ultim Eyes & Fusion’s Eye Sorbet to choose from and I love both but here’s the differences…The first difference is the texture. Ultim eyes has a similar texture to a normal eye cream, in that it feels moist when it is applied. Eye Sorbet has a very complex unique texture, as it is matt and silky when applied. Ultim eyes has a lower pH and increases cell turn over, Eye sorbet has a cooling, menthol effect and a blur technology to make the lines less visible. Then the ingredients are very different. Both are global anti-ageing but Ultim eyes contains Unirepair T-43 and a PHA, and Eye sorbet contains a rejuvenation complex that is key within the range, containing growth factors and other beneficial ingredients for tissue regeneration, it also has crossed linked Hyaluronic Acid.So you can see that the ekseption eye cream is focussed on resurfacing, DNA protection & collagen boosting whilst the fusion eye cream swings the other way- as rather than lowering the pH and resurfacing we are volumising, plumping,  working on cell communication AND collagen boosting etc. Hope this helps ????